About us & editors


The Eurasia Studies Society Journal came out of the annual conferences held by the The Eurasia Studies Society. We realised there was an unmet need to allow academics to easily share their ideas on the region, and that despite great interest in the region, there was also a lack of academic avenues to publish. The journal is an open access journal and does not charge readers or those who submit.

We promote studies that fuse history, culture and intellectual ideas to allow for a reinterpretation of different perceptions of the region. As we are affiliated with the Eurasia Studies Society (TESS GB & Europe) presenters at the annual TESS GB & Europe conferences and workshops will publish with us working articles and conference proceedings.

All submissions are peer-reviewed by academics and researchers in the field.

Editorial Board:

Dr. Sevket Hylton Akyildiz

(School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Richard Carlson (MA)

(School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Christopher Schwartz (MPhil)

(New Eurasia Citizen Media; Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Dr. Elena Paskaleva

(Leiden University)

Alex Calvo (MA)

(European University, Barcelona, Spain)

Ashraf Razi (MA)

(SOAS, University of London; Independent researcher)

Dr. Otambek Mastibekov

(SOAS, University of London; Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations)

Nourmamadcho Nourmamadchoev (PhD candidate)

(School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Aijan Sharshenova (PhD Candidate)

(University of Leeds)

Diana Kudaibergenova (PhD Candidate)

(Cambridge University)

Geoffrey Humble (PhD Candidate)

(University of Birmingham)

Dr. Fabiana Dimpflmeier

(Sapienza University, Rome)