Important: Please read before submission

SUBMISSIONS The Eurasia Studies Society Journal accepts submissions for academic articles by

  • postgraduate students, PhD candidates, researchers, journalists and academics.
  • We particularly encourage submissions for articles addressing topics pertaining to the five republics of the former Soviet Union, the ‘Stans’, and the Caucasus.
  • Articles of 1,000 to 8,000 words are welcome.
  • Book, film and music reviews of 300 to 1,250 words are welcome.

To submit your article, please send a short abstract, including word length, author and title to the editors at, who will then determine whether to proceed.

  • Please note that we can only accept well-written and well-edited articles that conform to our reference-citation style and due to cost we cannot edit submissions (although they will be quickly proof read in addition to peer review).
  • If necessary, we encourage you to get your article edited before you submit a final draft. Please contact the editors for more information.

The historiography, politics and cultural studies we cover is comprehensive:

  • intellectual, religious, cultural, economic, social, political
  • arts, architecture, music, sport, leisure, media and film
  • gender, feminism and masculinities; young people
  • anthropology, sociology,
  • philosophy, and ideologies
  • ancient, medieval, modern history
  • Soviet, post-Soviet; socialist and post-socialist transition
  • citizenship, identity and the ‘Other’
  • ethnicity, nationalism, tribalism
  • genocide, criminality,
  • mafia networks, state corruption
  • migration, globalisation, discrimination and integration
  • environment, rural living and ecological sustainability
  • working classes, urbanisation, unemployment and class

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